Brand Management

Brand recognition is the essence of your business, corporate colors, themes, and styles need to have visual continuity over many different production processes to provide immediate brand recognition by the consumer. Our sole focus is to monitor, control and manage the consistent visual appearance of your brand regardless of the process used to produce it.

As your premedia resource it’s our commitment to work with your web designers, graphic designers, manufacturers (offset, flexo, etc.) to achieve a consistent visual appearance. We serve as a premedia hub to these various production processes. This allows you to control, execute and deliver an assurance of confidence in your product to your consumers.

Prepress for all printing processes

Splash Graphics has 20+ years experience in preparing files and plate making for various printing processes. Our team consists of a skilled and experienced group of individuals who understand the craft as well as technical aspects behind color, fades, traps, color gamut, moiré, stochastic etc. Our prepress folks know how to manage the nuances between substrate and manufacturing processes to deliver brand consistent quality. Our file prep teams will ensure smooth production as you move down the manufacturing pipeline.

Digital prepress for Flexography & Lithography
    Image work
  • Color correction
  • Retouching
  • Image merging
  • Image restoration
  • Outlining
  • Shadow creation
  • Special effects
  • Digital halftone Fuji Final proof – 21.6″ x 25.6″
  • Epson inkjet proofs
  • Inkjet imposition proofs
  • Overlay proof
  • Remote proofing
    Digital Page Assembly & RIP Services
  • Stochastic Screening
  • Moiré pattern reduction using screening options
  • Hexachrome separations
  • Touch plates
  • Computer-to-plate (ctp) output 58″x80″
  • Film Output
    Output Services
  • Lithoplate VLF Upto(58″ x 80″)
  • Flexo Plate
  • Film Output Upto(30″ x 40″)
    Other Services
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Pre-production job analysis
  • Consulting on managing brand consistency across substrates.
  • Customized print production projects

Kodak Flexcel NX Flexographic Plates

The NX plate is the most unique plate on the market today! Press crews swear by its reliability, consistency and longevity. Great looking fades and better ink densities while actually using less ink! Customers are enjoying better looking product, greater shelf impact and fantastic blends. The absence of oxygen and engraving the surface of the dot is resulting in some unbelievable printing.

Flexcel NX Plate Dots Vs LAMS Plate Dots

Benefits of Flat Dot Structure
  • Wider impression latitude
  • Faster make ready
  • Reduced plate wear resulting in longer life
  • Increased process printing, less spot colors
Issues with the traditional flexo plates:
  • Compressed tonal range
  • Compressed color gamut
  • Bump curves required
  • Separating tone work from solid and line work
  • Square pixel to round laser beam
  • Oxygen inhibition
  • Rounded dot structure
  • Difficulty in color matching
  • Shortened plate life
  • Using more than minimum number of plates
  • Confusing sustainability messages
Image Quality
Traditional CTP, cannot retain highlight dots without image correction. Also, the overall image looks posterized with shadow tones plugging up. With dot correction, resulting image will clip or will be flat due to limited tonal range.

Flexcel Plates Image Output Quality
With Splash’s expertise and Kodak Flexcel NX plates, you will be able to print with the richness that the designer had intended.
Image Transfer

Splash can help make dramatic quality improvements in the flexo pressroom:

  • Can use all 256 gray levels up to 300 lpi
  • Expanded tone range
  • Expanded color gamut
  • FM screening is practical for flexo

Flexcel Plates Image Transfer from file to plate

Offset CTP Services up to 58" x 80"

Computer to Plate: Image plates up to 58” x 80” directly from files.

We have been providing offset plate making services since 1996. We act as back up plate supplier to many high volume shops as well as primary supplier for many operations that have multiple locations.

Our services reach from coast to coast.


Proofing G7 certified proofs at multiple locations simultaneously allows all people involved in the approval process to attend the same “virtual” meeting. Eliminating time consuming variables in the process such as shipping significantly expedites time to market/press. Regional and national brands have found remote proofing to be of immense value.

Additionally our Fuji Final proof allows contract dot proofing on virtually any substrate with great PMS and metallic color matching capabilities. For clear substrates we have the ability to lay down opaque whites providing an excellent representation of the printing process.

Digital Asset Management

The traditional methods used to manage graphic arts workflows have changed drastically as a result of the introduction of digital asset management. This technology now lets authorized users at any location anywhere in the world, work on a project for design, production, management, graphic editing etc. in real time. It is not just an archiving tool but it is a vital part of the workflow.

  • Centralized Data Solutions
  • Final page files distributed to stakeholders anywhere with internet access.
  • Consistency (most updated version at all times)
  • Flexibility; 24/7 access
  • Efficiency – quick retrieval
  • Image files archived for various applications, i.e. offset, flexo, web
  • Brand approved assets available to all.

Please contact our customer service representative for more information about digital asset management.

Disaster Planning Service

The consequences of idle production facilities as a result of down CTP devices can be detrimental to daily operations. Additionally, the stress associated with delayed schedules, rerouting jobs, perhaps outsourcing and overtime headaches are detrimental to a business. Why not avoid all this by having a reliable back up CTP supplier that can be counted on?

Benefits of Splash as your back up CTP source:

  • No more worries
  • No waste of management, sales and staff time
  • No delayed schedules
  • No worry if parts don’t arrive on time
  • No need for expensive duplicate CTP back up equipment or associated ongoing expenses
  • No production delays
  • No overtime costs
  • Eliminate negative impact on customers
  • No press down time
  • Eliminate delays in finishing operations

How Program Works?

  • 1. When you join the Splash back up program, we will coordinate with your pre-press department to work up all details.
  • 2. Output of plates every two months allowing us to adjust and maintain compatibility.
  • 3. When emergencies arrive we will be ready to step up.
  • 4. We will stock plate material to meet your plate size needs.

IT Services

Our team realizes that programming solutions are meant to custom fit the needs of the customer. Too many solutions are off the shelf and many times the need for a customized solution is necessary. Our IT services are an inexpensive, efficient way to manage these issues. From simple projects to bigger more complicated needs our IT services are here to help you develop a solution that will fit like a well-formed glove.

Areas of expertise:

  • Website development
  • E-Commerce
  • Application Development
  • System Programming
  • Database Administration
  • Documentation
  • Project Management
  • Network Support