High Quality Packaging Mockups

Packaging Mock-ups, and Comps are valuable tools to ensure your marketing efforts are “on target”. Whether your needs are for a a trade show, a high-level meeting with a retailer or a regional test market, Splash has the experience to make sure your packaging prototypes look their best. Splash produces high quality mockups to give you the opportunity to see, touch and feel your vision.

Folding Cartons

There is a folding carton to meet a variety of product packaging packaging applications. Brand owners and marketers in today’s cluttered retail environment are leaning on packaging to allure consumers more than ever before. A colorful retail packaging design, a storage and re-closeable package or a simple paperboard box, Splash can bring your package to life.

Corrugated Floor Display & Counter Displays

Floor displays often appear at the end of an aisle and are a great way to set your product apart from the others in the aisle. Counter displays are effective for small products or ones that do not need a large floor plan and are often found around cash registers or on a shelf. From small counter displays to larger floor displays, Splash has the ability to produce a quality product

Flexible Packaging

Flexible Packaging is such a versatile product that makes sense for numerous food and product applications. From stand – up and lay-flat pouches to packages with gussets, Bags, and sample packets, whether on Poly, BOPP, Shrink or Metalized film, Splash can bring your vision to life.

Shrink Sleeves

We use the latest software to evaluate and wrap your graphic files (if necessary) to fit your container. For the quickest and best results, you provide us a 3D file or an electronic diagram of your container and at least 2 physical containers. Once, you have approved the layout of your shrink Sleeve design, we use the latest “state of the art” technology to digitally produce printed samples and shrink them to your supplied container.

Pressure Sensitive Labels

Labels have been the cornerstone of on shelf product marketing for years. Splash can create pre-production proof runs on your label material. From a simple label to an intricate die cut work of art, Splash can meet all your pressure sensitive label mock up needs.

3-D Digital

We can make you a 3-D pdf that you or your client can rotate, zoom and virtually see from all angles how the graphic will wrap around your packaging method. This is very useful tool to have especially in the early stages of concept and “buy-in” process from within a brands strategy on a new sku’s.