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Offset CTP Services up to 58" x 80"

Computer to Plate: Image plates up to 58” x 80” directly from files.

We have been providing offset plate making services since 1996. We act as back up plate supplier to many high volume shops as well as primary supplier for many operations that have multiple locations.

Our services reach from coast to coast.

Disaster Planning Service

The consequences of idle production facilities as a result of down CTP devices can be detrimental to daily operations. Additionally, the stress associated with delayed schedules, rerouting jobs, perhaps outsourcing and overtime headaches are detrimental to a business. Why not avoid all this by having a reliable back up CTP supplier that can be counted on?

Benefits of Splash as your back up CTP source:

  • No more worries
  • No waste of management, sales and staff time
  • No delayed schedules
  • No worry if parts don’t arrive on time
  • No need for expensive duplicate CTP back up equipment or associated ongoing expenses
  • No production delays
  • No overtime costs
  • Eliminate negative impact on customers
  • No press down time
  • Eliminate delays in finishing operations

How Program Works?

  • 1. When you join the Splash back up program, we will coordinate with your pre-press department to work up all details.
  • 2. Output of plates every two months allowing us to adjust and maintain compatibility.
  • 3. When emergencies arrive we will be ready to step up.
  • 4. We will stock plate material to meet your plate size needs.

Coating Plates

Photopolymer Coating Plates for offset applications:

Making a photopolymer plate can be challenging. But making it for Spot coating applications requires experience and a deep understanding of the process. Splash Graphics significant experience in the photopolymer spot coat platemaking area.

Looking for a special effect which will make your work standout? Do you want to transfer your coating unit into a tool that greatly expands the services you can offer your customers? Splash Graphics offers a variety of spot coating plates that will allow your tower coater to spot coat any job with the use of specialty Coatings.

Regardless of your press model, we have a plate that will work for you

  1. Coating plate that can be gripped directly or pin registered.
  2. Coating plate with Bars that your press can clamp on to
  3. Metal back coating plate that can be griped or pin registered.
  4. Strippable blankets

We can provide them all and more.

To produce stunning special effects using various spot coatings, Splash Graphics has multiple plate offerings to fit your presses need. Whether you want to use a soft touch coating or something with a grit, we have the right plate for you. We offer multiple surface texturizing patterns for enhancing special effects as well. These plates will allow you to make use of specialty coatings like water based varnishes, UV varnishes, Metal pigment inks, Pearlescent inks/varnish and offer new areas such as Opaque White, Scratch Inks and Flexo Inks.

Creating Special Effects with

  • Coatings
    • Gloss
    • Matt
    • Glitter
    • Reticulation
    • Pearlescent
    • Colorshift
    • Soft touch
    • Sandy Feel
    • Aroma
    • White

Technical Support:

Are you new to spot coatings? Never done this before? Let us help you. Splash Graphics, has the expertise to help you work through this process. We have experience working with companies that have never spot coated before to experienced printers trying new materials.

Pressroom support:

  • Distortion Evaluation
  • Advance surface pattern plate optimization

Photo Polymer Plate

  • Spot Coating Plate
  • Spot Coating Plate with Bar
  • Metal Back Plate
  • Strippable Blanket

Process to get Started:

  • A simple distortion test.
  • We will supply you a test Coating plate with a Ruler GridWe will supply you with a PDF with alternative Ruler to make an offset plate.
  • We will supply you with a PDF with alternative Ruler to make an offset plate.We need you to do a quick few impression on a press sheet
  • We need you to do a quick few impression on a press sheet
    • Offset plate only – supply back 5 sheets.
    • Coating plate only – supply back 5 sheets.
    • Offset plate and Coating plate combined– supply back 5 sheets.
  • Ship sheets back to Splash for distortion evaluation.