Kodak Flexcel NX Flexographic Plates
The NX plate is the most unique plate on the market today! Press crews swear by its reliability, consistency and longevity. Great looking fades and better ink densities while actually using less ink! Customers are enjoying better looking product, greater shelf impact and fantastic blends. The absence of oxygen and engraving the surface of the dot is resulting in some unbelievable printing.

Flexcel NX Plate Dots Vs LAMS Plate Dots

Benefits of Flat Dot Structure
  • Wider impression latitude
  • Faster make ready
  • Reduced plate wear resulting in longer life
  • Increased process printing, less spot colors
Issues with the traditional flexo plates:
  • Compressed tonal range
  • Compressed color gamut
  • Bump curves required
  • Separating tone work from solid and line work
  • Square pixel to round laser beam
  • Oxygen inhibition
  • Rounded dot structure
  • Difficulty in color matching
  • Shortened plate life
  • Using more than minimum number of plates
  • Confusing sustainability messages
Image Quality
Traditional CTP, cannot retain highlight dots without image correction. Also, the overall image looks posterized with shadow tones plugging up. With dot correction, resulting image will clip or will be flat due to limited tonal range.

Flexcel Plates Image Output Quality
With Splash’s expertise and Kodak Flexcel NX plates, you will be able to print with the richness that the designer had intended.
Image Transfer

Splash can help make dramatic quality improvements in the flexo pressroom:

  • Can use all 256 gray levels up to 300 lpi
  • Expanded tone range
  • Expanded color gamut
  • FM screening is practical for flexo

Flexcel Plates Image Transfer from file to plate