Line Extensions / Adaptations
Packaging, signage, content creation and marketing materials, Splash can implement, manage and produce your organizations vision across multiple product lines within your established brand standards. A package on the shelf is the final opportunity to define your brand in the eye of the consumer. We understand your brand must convey a consistent image/promise in the consumers mind. Splash is experienced in managing a brand message across various sku’s, in vertical markets that target specific consumers.A cool, attractive and relevant page composition, design connects with a consumer easily and effectively. A good composition is one that is not only pleasing to look at but also effectively conveys the message of the text and graphics to the intended audience. Splash has the expertise to deliver your message appropriately to your target market. Brand recognition is the essence of your business, consistent brand recognition is our business. Corporate colors, themes, and styles need to have visual continuity over many different production processes in order for your brand to resonate with your consumers. Our sole focus is to enable the consistent visual appearance of your brand regardless of the process used to produce it.